Improve eco-design
& strengthen the producer-consumer link

FOOTBRIGDE has been specially designed for the fashion and apparel industry. This combined offer of a SaaS traceability platform and a life cycle analysis service allows you to better control the manufacturing conditions of your products and to meet your customers’ expectations of transparency

Good fabric

GOOD FABRIC, a pioneer in eco-design and sustainable production, has joined forces with TILKAL, an expert in traceability based on blockchain technology, to create a unique range of products and services for the textile and clothing industries

& stakeholder commitment

To limit the footprint of a product, it is essential to know the real conditions of its manufacture, from the production of the raw material to the garment.

Tracing the manufacturing of its products allows to make all the actors of its supply chain responsible and involved in order to better understand and reduce the environmental and social impacts.

The traceability platform developed by TILKAL allows to collect and exchange data between actors in a secure way, thanks to a B2B blockchain network. The information is auditable and cannot be corrupted, thus making each actor in the chain accountable. The data is then analyzed in real time to meet the challenges of compliance, impact and transparency.

The specific FOOTBRIDGE databases developed by GOOD FABRIC allow for an in-depth Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), a real tool for steering the eco-design of collections.


Consumers around the world consider a company's transparency important

Textile industry is the 3rd largest water-consuming sector in the world

million of tons of cotton are produced per year

The green revolution is underway.
It will now show its full potential.

FOOTBRIDGE allows you to run your CSR strategy in leaps and bounds by making the right eco-design decisions and by having a real control of your supply chain while managing the footprint of your productions.


Trace your supply chain from end to end

Measure the real footprint of a product to lower it

Communicate the true history of your product

Secure data through B2B blockchain

Analyze, Decide and Act in real time

Implement a successful CSR strategy

FOOTBRIDGE is a global traceability and LCA offer. Beyond the SaaS platform, GOOD FABRIC and TILKAL are creating an environment of services and technology able to support each brand in its CSR strategy.

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We are at your side to handle the platform and train your teams to deploy it.

We also contribute, if necessary, to the implementation of the traceability of your supply chains and the eco-design of your collections.

We develop technological solutions (data intelligence…) useful for your performance.


The FOOTBRIDGE® solution



The connection to a B2B blockchain network, the core of Tilkal’s technology, facilitates and secures the acquisition of data from all the actors in your supply chain.

The data is secured, encrypted and auditable at all stages of the manufacturing process of your products

1 Tracabilite


FOOTBRIDGE integrates an LCA analysis service for your products using the databases and indicators developed by GOOD FABRIC

  • Measure the environmental footprint of each product
  • Identify impact factors to improve eco-design
  • Monitor the sustainable transformation of your collections

The Back Office

The back office allows you to manage your databases and gives you all the KPIs on

  • the traceability of your supply chains
  • information on all the suppliers of each stage of production
  • the LCA of your collections and of each of your products
3 Back Office
4 Appli Mobile


The Mobile App

Meet your customers’ demand for transparency! By flashing the QR code present on your product, they will discover all the information you want to share with them, including the locations of manufacture, certifications and its LCA

This information is also available on the product page of your eshop.



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