Having experience and good ideas is good but not always enough.

So we put together a dream team to build the perfect platform

FOOTBRIDGE is a service offer designed and developed by GOOD FABRIC, pioneers in ethical fashion, and TILKAL, expert in blockchain traceability.

We have pooled all our knowledge, technology and energy to meet the challenges of a more responsible fashion.


Good fabric

We make Fashion Sustainable and Fair

FOOTBRIDGE is an essential part of GOOD FABRIC’s mission to shift the textile industry to a more sustainable model, in addition with its other businesses : eco-design, responsible manufacturing and CSR consulting.

« A good partnership is based on shared values and on a common vision, that of giving meaning to one’s job. What brings us together with the Tilkal team is first of all a good feeling (there are things that cannot be explained).  It is also the sharing of an entrepreneurial spirit and a high standard of quality in our work. Our businesses are very complex and require a lot of commitment to do well. »

Louis-Marie Vautier, co-founder of GOOD FABRIC

Solution TILKAL

TILKAL, FOOTBRIDGE’s technology partner, puts all the expertise of its teams at your service to build modern, real-time, end-to-end traceability. TILKAL’s traceability platform uses blockchain and high-performance data analysis techniques to improve the control, compliance and transparency of supply chains. 

« Companies’ ethical and sustainability commitments are now also driving their growth. What brings us together with Good Fabric is a strong commitment and a desire to provide concrete solutions to enable textile companies to implement and maintain these commitments in a sustainable manner. With a shared state of mind, an endorsement of concrete action and complementary expertise, it is quite logical that we have chosen to work together on this project. »

Joseph Azar, co-founder and COO of TILKAL


At GOOD FABRIC, we are a team of passionate people who have been working for 18 years to make the fashion industry more sustainable.

And you, what are you doing over the next 5 years ?

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How to collect data in FOOTBRIDGE ?

How to analyze and
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