Support for Audits and Certifications

Secure your supply chain through audits and textile certifications.

Audit for Certification

Serving as a model of excellence and also as a guarantee of lesser social and environmental impacts on the value chain, certification is a way to structure the company around CSR objectives and to comply with numerous regulations.

In partnership with Ecocert, Good Fabric assists you in preparing for your audits and those of your suppliers.

Being GOTS certified since 2016 ourselves, we have an in-depth knowledge of GOTS, Textile Exchange, and ERTS standards.

Both at headquarters and with your partners, we conduct diagnostics to identify improvement points to achieve these certifications. The topics addressed are varied:

  • Traceability and flow management – working with logistics teams
  • Social criteria – working with HR and CSR teams
  • Environmental management system – working with CSR teams
  • Training teams for certifications
  • Mock audit with site visits

Every support effort has been a success and a means of improvement and structuring for each of the companies.

We have supported them

Value Chain Audit

An audit is a tool, not a solution. We organize our social and environmental audits with a unique approach in terms of ethics, aiming to preserve the reality of the field and cultural challenges.

The goal is to guide suppliers and ensure they meet social, environmental, and health/safety requirements.

We offer personalized recommendations in a realistic progress approach, establishing constructive dialogue to bring about positive changes for long-term partnership strengthening.

ikks original

«Good Fabric has helped us progress on numerous CSR topics, certifications, the IKKS Act for better manifesto, eco-design training…

What’s interesting with Nathalie is her very pragmatic and operational approach. With her experience, she knows the issues and challenges well.

We are far from superficial solutions, which is very unifying.»

Elizabeth Sénécaille, IKKS CSR Director

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