Traceability Management

The stakes of traceability include supply chain transparency, environmental sustainability, material quality, and enhancing consumer trust.

A platform like Footbridge is necessary to deploy traceability and comply with regulations. However, supplier’s involvement at all levels and strict management of social and environmental risks are crucial to achieve tangible results.

From raw material extraction to the manufacturing workshop

The ability to identify and overcome obstacles by leveraging knowledge of the various textile professions, combined with the experience of the Footbridge team, provides an advantage in mapping supply chains and supporting your partners in their CSR efforts.

The Footbridge team offers outsourced management of your traceability by combining the deployment of the platform with operational experience. Reality on the ground is often more complex and challenging than mere data entry. The founders’ over 20 years of field experience lends meaning to the collected data, initiating a realistic progress approach that considers the interests of the entire value chain.

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