Beyond the SaaS platform, our expertise makes the difference

FOOTBRIDGE is a unique global offer built to meet the CSR challenges of the fashion and apparel industry

In addition to our traceability platform and our LCA service, we put our expertise at your service to help you achieve your CSR objectives.

We support you during the key stages of the implementation of your project, for example to engage all the actors of your production channels in order to collect data in an extensive way and to be able to reconstitute an end-to-end view of the history of your products.

In the same way, the interoperability and configuration of technological solutions to meet the specificities of your organization and your objectives are crucial to the success of the project.

The strength of the partnership between GOOD FABRIC and TILKAL lies in the fact that we are able to offer you a range of services adapted to your expectations in addition to the FOOTBRIDGE platform.

schema service

GOOD FABRIC supports you in

  • The Training in the use of FOOTBRIDGE
  • The Identification and traceability of the actors in your supply chain
  • The Onboarding of your suppliers from end to end
  • The Control of the data transmitted and the certificates
  • The Social and environmental audit of your production sites
  • The Training in eco-design

TILKAL acts as the operator of the traceability platform:

  • Deployment of the blockchain network
  • Data recovery (mobile application or interoperability with your ERP)
  • Data intelligence: configuration of reports, KPIs and real-time alerts

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