FOOTBRIDGE is now refered on the UNECE portal

The United Nations Economic Commission for Europe has launched the initiative called : The Sustainability Pledge –  United for greater traceability, transparency and circularity in the garment and footwear sector.

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With our partner Tilkal, we imagined a SaaS platform as a tool to accelerate the eco-design of textile collections and a way to communicate the true story of the manufacture of a garment end to end.

The textile industry is at a turning point in its history with the need to better control its supply chain and its environmental footprint. We are proud that FOOTBRIDGE has been recognized for its usefulness by the UNECE. This recognition gives us even more the will to be an actor of this mutation by proposing a powerful and fully operational platform for all the actors of the fashion and clothing industry

To sum up our mission :

  • Footbridge is a traceability & LCA (Life Cycle Analysis) platform dedicated to the fashion industry, a first in the sector.
  • The fashion and textile sector is frequently criticized for its opacity and the lack of transparency in its manufacturing processes.
  • For the NGO Greenpeace, “the disposable fashion industry symbolizes the dead-end of our economic system”, citing “pollution and destruction of ecosystems, violation of human rights, irresponsibility of multinationals, frenzied obsolescence of products”.
  • To respond to this crucial issue, GOOD FABRIC, a pioneer in ethical fashion, joined forces with TILKAL, an expert in blockchain traceability, to design and offer FOOTBRIDGE, a traceability and LCA platform for textile products.
  • For brands: FOOTBRIDGE allows to trace end-to-end and calculate the environmental footprint of a product
  • FOOTBRIDGE was specially designed for those involved in fashion and apparel. This unified offer of a SaaS traceability platform and a Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) service allows better control of the manufacturing conditions of textile products and meets consumers’ expectations of transparency. Indeed, to reduce the environmental footprint of a product, it is essential to know the real conditions of its manufacture, from the production of the raw material to the making. Recorded via blockchain technology, the information accessible via FOOTBRIDGE is auditable and tamper-proof, a characteristic that empowers each actor in the sector and builds transparency based on evidence.
  • The specific FOOTBRIDGE databases developed by GOOD FABRIC thus make it possible to carry out an in-depth LCA, a real tool for managing the eco-design of collections.
  • FOOTBRIDGE is therefore a diagnostic tool involving all stakeholders in the supply chain, but also a lever for progress for the brands that use it.

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Louis-Marie Vautier

Gérant - Co-fondateur GOODFABRIC

Louis-Marie Vautier est le co-fondateur de GOOD FABRIC et de la plateforme FOOTBRIDGE, spécialisées dans la traçabilité et l'éco-conception dans l'industrie textile. Entrepreneur engagé, il œuvre pour rendre la mode plus durable et transparente à travers des solutions innovantes. Son approche contribue significativement à l'amélioration des pratiques environnementales dans la mode, en alliant expérience du terrain, technologie et responsabilité écologique.

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